This is a big house for petz.
The main thing we do is a conformation shows. Dogz and catz are shown on the Petz Kennel Club, horsez are shown on Seeing Stars. Livestock is used in the PKC premiers.
I'm also trying to make some breeds, toys and clothes for the game.

The main dog breeds I'm working with are bull type terriers, which have prefix "Hard Rock". But Hard Rock is for few more bully breeds and files, specifically:

The main cat breeds are Manx, British Shorthair and Lykoi. Though I've never adopted a Lykoi, but I'm planning to. The prefix for British Shorthair is "Patronus", the file - Grand Theft. Manxes were of Supernova file, they had prefix "ACK's" which is for the rest of my breeds which don't have their own prefixes, and were named with real human name/s and with "Verbi" at the end of name, kinda like surname. Now I want to start new "era" with the manx file I've created and it was accepted by PKC, but I'm not sure yet if I'll do with them like with SN file or make something else, and I'm not sure yet if SN file will be retired or no, probably no.

There's no main breed of horses yet; may never be. The prefix for all horses is "Effulgent".